Making Your Own Veil

veilDear Andy,
I am making my daughter’s wedding veil and need information on the best and easiest way to affix flat-back crystals onto bridal illusion. I already bought the Swarovski crystals, but since then have learned about the hot tool method. I’m afraid I will either be on the last part and have a big hole melted in a prominent place, or glue blobs. I am a perfectionist and couldn’t stand either.
We saw a veil with a band of tiny crystals positioned about 2 inches from the cut edge and around the circular veil which is what we want to do as well.
I would appreciate any information you may have.
Thank You, SewSew1

Donna: Experiment with different options on the illusion. The fabric is relatively inexpensive, compared with all the other things you will be buying for the wedding. We have never made a veil. Perhaps one of our readers, can help you.
Good Luck, with the veil and the wedding,

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