Manufacture With Bolts Of Fabric

I am a designer of sorts who started out with a very small store. I now have orders that are just to big for me to fill on my own.
Do you know where I would go to find a fabric dyer, who would manufacturer bolts of fabric with my design images on them. ( Like a black stretch lace material with raised red roses for shirt production).
I have scoured the web, and all I seem to find are lessons on doing this on my own.
Secondly, Do you know where I would go to find true wholesale fabrics by the bolt. In searching the internet, all I seem to find are high priced companies who claim they are wholesale, however their prices are more then my local fabric store.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Zaida: We called and left you a voice message today, but never heard back, so I guess email is the best way to reach you. If you need fabrics, at “true” wholesale prices, you will need to attend some wholesale fabric trade shows. The next one is in September in New York City, September 25-27, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Visit www.material-world.com to register to attend. Then, on the west coast, is the Los Angeles International Textile Show, Oct. 15-17. Visit www.californiamarketcenter.com. Closer to your home, is the Material World Show, April 9-11, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The link is the same as for the New York Show. Raised red roses on black stretch is possible, and very expensive. I am currently doing a similar style for one of our customers, and the price is over $4.00 yard, and the customer is printing over 2000 yards. There is no small lots on these types of fabrics.
Good Luck,

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