Merino Wool, the Performance Fiber


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Merino wool, if you read a cycler’s blog, is a performance fabric that has been around for many years.  Understanding Merino Wool | BIKE.IO


Merino Sheep. If you have read any cycling blogs or forums during the recent cold weather, you’ll see lots of people extolling the benefits of merino wool. They talk about merino socks, merino gloves, merino t-shirts, and even


Merino wool isn’t just for cycling or outdoor sports, it is also an excellent choice for babies as it regulates body temperature.  Warm when you need warmth and cool when you need to cool off.  In addition it has natural wicking properties, wicking moisture away from the body. Is Merino wool really the new cashmere?  Little Flock of Horrors Baby Clothes | Everywhere – DailyCandy


We would never try to pull the wool over your eyes, so you can believe us when we tell you that merino is the new cashmere. Baa Baa Baby Clothes. Little Flock of Horrors merino wool clothing. little flock of horrors!


More about the merino wool fiber and designers who use merino wool in fashions for all seasons as well as special occasion garments.  Yes, even beautiful wedding dresses made with merino wool.   All of this and more can be found on the Merino Wool web site.  Enjoy!






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