Microfiber Has Become The Cloth of The Future?

Yet another nother microfiber cleaning tool, the MOCORO, a fluffy microfiber mop ball.  CCP –  MOCORO – Microfiber robotic mop ball – When we clean


Here is a simple and fun way to clean up the dust around the house. MOCORO – CZ-560 – is a fluffy microfiber mop ball that rolls around by itself on the floor, picking up dust along the way. Push the button and let the

A single microfiber is smaller than the human hair, about 1 denier which means it is also smaller than a silk fiber.  Many microfibers are twisted together to make a yarn and many yarns are woven together to make a microfiber cloth.  The fiber is very small so the actual woven fabric does not allow wind or water to penetrate yet moisture vapor to be released.  Think of a microfiber rain coat which is waterproof but not hot to wear, all this without requiring a waterproof coating.  

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Cleaning microfiber furniture from Making The World Cuter:  Clean Microfiber the Easy Way – Making the World Cuter


This is the easiest way I have found to clean microfiber. Just a bottle of Windex and a scrub brush and these chairs come back to good as new!

Clean Mama has an extensive review and overview of Microfiber cleaning cloth:  How to Use Microfiber


I use microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning just about everything and every surface, so I thought I would show you the winners in my book. I have purchased different brands and types of cleaning cloths with my own money so what

I am sure there are many more uses for microfiber so feel free to add your favorite microfiber and microfiber cleaning hints.




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