Mikado In Brilliant White

fabricI would like to get some information on the above mentioned fabric. I’m interested in getting my wedding dress in this fabric, however, I have been told that silk Mikado does not come in brilliant white but only off-white. I have searched the web and seen wedding dresses in silk Mikado which look brilliant white to me!
I would appreciate any information you can give me on this.
Whilst I Thank You for your kind attention, I await your earliest reply.
Best regards,

Dear Marie: What appears on the web, may not be exactly how the fabric would appear in your hand. Different monitors show colors differently. As far as the silk Mikado wedding dress in brilliant white….this may be a problem. As far as I know, the color white, for the folks that make and wear Mikado(s), symbolizes “death”. Therefore, no one would want to start their wedding with a dress of “white”. The color Red symbolizes good luck, health and wealth. You may want to reconsider your options here. Good Luck, Andy

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