Mildew Spots And Stains On My Blanket

Andy –
My mother-in-law has blankets from the early part of the last century (we think) which appear to be cotton with wool sandwiched between and tied with yarn. We use them at our cabin. Unfortunately, one of the younger generation took the blanket out to the campfire to get warm and left it out all night in the rain. Then my brother-in-law, not knowing that he was making the situation much worse, bundled it up in a plastic bag and brought it home. My sister-in-law laid it out in the sun to dry, but now there are pink stains, which may be dye from the wool in between, and mildew spots. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this disaster before we have to ‘fess up to my mother-in-law?
Sarah and Nancy

Dear Sarah & Nancy: Contact a museum curator in your town, or nearby. They usually have the information on preserving antique blankets. You might want to consider donating it to the museum. There it can be loved and cared for. Think then, of how your mother-in-law, will react. Good Luck, Andy

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