Milk Protein Azlon fiber help!


I have just read your fabulous article on Meet the Azlons from A-Z which has great information on these regenerated fibres.

An opportunity has arisen for me to work with a new quilting wadding/batting that is a Milk Protein fibre and is only now being exported out of China.  From reading your article it would appear that the batting/wadding would not be pure milk protein but must be bonded with another fibre?  As this product comes direct out of China the seller does not know the exact composition.  Would you have any idea or would you know how I could find out?

From what I have now read it appears this product will act rather like wool, but from reading your article I am now a little concerned that I will have to be very careful when washing the completed quilt and that I run a risk of it going mouldy if not dried immediately, and also of it potentially having a sour milk smell?

Any information you could provide on this new product would be gratefully received.

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By: Suzanne Butz

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    First, your supplier should be able to find out the exact fiber composition or at least will have to when exporting to the US. It is usually the seller’s responsibility to define the fiber content of textiles.

    Second, Azlon is a regenerated fiber from milk protein so will not have a sour milk odor. Joan was referring to mildew of the fibers so yes you will need to make sure the quilt is dried completely. Also if the quilt is in a humid climate, mildew may be a problem.

    Hope this helps!