Missing Fabric?

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Have you ever “almost” finished a project only to find you don’t quite have enough fabric?  Frustrating!!

Fabrics.net has a FabricFinder section where you can post your FabricFinder request and the stores and sources will contact you directly if they have the fabric.  This works for notions too.

We have been offering this helpful area since we started in 1997 and it has worked for many frustrated people.  To answer a few frequently asked questions, it is rarely possible to contact a manufacturer to find where they have sold a particular fabric.  Discontinued fabric may be found througfh our FabricFinder.   We also post the FabricFinder requests in Pinterest.

Retail stores:  Check this area daily to see if you can help find a fabric.

Helpful readers:  If you see a FabricFinder request and know where it can be found, email the requester.

Retail customers:  Check this area daily if you want to help someone find their fabric.

There is no charge for this free service.  We do ask that all participants register with our site to further protect email addresses from unwanted emails.  After a store or source contacts the missing fabric requester, the transaction of selling or buying is up to the individual people.



Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.  We do not accept reimbursement of any kind for our reviews.


2 Responses to “Missing Fabric?”

  1. Meli says:

    I would like to ask, I need a fabric that is light weight, non creasing and preferably natural, something with cotton.It also needs to be nice on both sides.Can you help me find it?
    Thank you

  2. Kirsten says:

    My favorite fabric right now is the cotton/rayon from bamboo, knit blends. They are drapy, stretchy, breathable, natural, and light weight. It’s being carried in many paces right know because it is being used so much in ready made clothing. Colors, prints, stripes, it’s all available. good hunting.