Modal fabric


I am particularly interested into the modal fabric, after purchasing a T-shirt made with this material.

However, when doing searches, I found many types of modal. Would you help me on which type I should purchase for T-shirt, and why?

I see Modal/Spandex combinations, Micro Modal, Lenzing Modal, and etc.



By: Michael C.

One Response to “Modal fabric”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Michael,

    Modal is rayon so the different “types” of modal are names of the manufacturer of modal/rayon. Micro Modal is microfiber rayon which means that the fibers less than 1.0 denier per filament. The smaller fillament allows manufacturers to produce very soft fabrics that are lightweight.

    Keeping the above in mind, advising you on the type of rayon you should purchase for a t-shirt isn’t something I can do because of the large variety of modal/rayon fabrics and micro modal/rayon fabrics. What I do suggest is to find t-shirts produced by the same manufacturer who made the modal t-shirt you like.

    Modal or rayon combined with spandes will produce even more varities of t-shirts.

    Hope this helps!