Moisture Wicking Properties of Polyester?

What causes Polyester to be moisture wicking?  Is it a treatment that is added to the fabric or is it in the way the polyester is woven to begin with?

By: Holly Rox

2 Responses to “Moisture Wicking Properties of Polyester?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Holly,

    All polyesters are not created equal. Polyester itself is not one of the “wick away” fibers unless during the manufacturing process it is manufactured differently. Polyester does not absorb moisture.

    As I recall Malden Mills developed a polyester yarn that wicks away moisture. In trying to research this for you I found that much of the technical information isn’t available to the general public. I will keep researching and post more as I find the information. If any other reader has information, please feel free to add to the blog.


  2. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Holly,
    Judith is right, not all Polyesters are created equal. It is actually the extrusion process in the creation of the individual fibers that produces the differing properties of polyester. It’s a great subject to research and learn about. You can Google Polyester production and manufacturing and find all sorts of information on the creation of polyester. Wickipidia is a great source. There is just so much information and tings to learn.