More Virtual Museum Tours!

Continuing our virtual tour of museum exhibits:

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Photographs of lace and embroidery to enjoy at this Textile Museum:  Lyn’s Needlecase: Textile Museum

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Textile Museum. Jubilee House in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch houses a collection of beautiful embroidery and lace. The building, originally the annex of a hotel next door, is now a National Monument and the headquarters of

Flying over to Ireland for a virtual tour of Irish Lace:

Trisha Evans Designs: Irish Lace Museum – A Virtual Visit

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Irish Lace Museum – A Virtual Visit. The internet is a magnificent thing. It allows us to virtually visit places we could only dream of traveling to. The Sheelin Lace Museum would definitely be on my travel itinerary if I were

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I would love to watch a lacemaker produce lace!  Just looking at the complicated designs is overwhelming.  

The D.A.R. Museum’s “New Woman” exhibit has wonderful photos:  Gorgeous Edwardian Fashion Exhibit at the DAR Museum ~Part 1

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It is a frothy creation of pink silk batiste, lace ruffles, taffeta underneath and embroidery. This dreamy dress is very similar to the gown Diana Barry wore in Anne of Avonlea, and which I recreated here. The DAR Museum dates

Two lace museums in California.  The first in Sunnyvale:

My California Adventures: Lace Museum, Sunnyvale, CA

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Today I visited the The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, CA located not that far from the Sunnyvale Public Library. The museum was located in a small strip mall in a rather unassuming building and the inside was no bigger than a

The Second lace museum is in San Francisco, Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles.  Lacis has many, many slides of lace, including Asuit, Smocking and photos of previous exhibits including hats.  You may want to bring your lunch when you visit this one!  




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