Most Common Question About Finding Fabric


One of the most frequently asked questions here at Fabrics.net is:

“I know this fabric exists because I have it on my furniture/pillow/sheets/dress/shirt/bedspread/comforter/purse/baby bedding/curtain. Why doesn’t anyone tell me where to find this fabric?”

There are several reasons why fabric that is found in garments or items is not available for purchase in yardage.

  • Licensed fabrics such as Disney, Looney Tunes, NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, College and University Logos, etc., are licensed to specific manufacturers for specific items, not necessarily in yardage that is available to the consumer.
  • Bedding manufacturers as well as furniture and drapery manufacturers will design their own fabrics for their items and this fabric is not always available for purchase in yardage.
  • Clothing manufacturers may order specific fabric for their garments and this fabric may not be available in yardage.

But, you never know.  If you’re looking for something in particular, try posting a picture and description of it in our free Fabric Finder.  One of our hundreds of retailers and wholesalers might just have what you’re looking for!

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