Mothball Smell In Leather-How To Get It Out

I just recently purchased a couple of synthetic leather seat covers for my car. When I took them out of the package, I noticed they had a sort of mothball smell to them. I searched around and found out how to get that kind of smell out, tried the different solutions, and I still have smelly seat covers. I think though that it is not really a mothball smell, but that it is just the smell of the synthetic leather. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of the smell? I cannot take the covers back if the packages have been open, so that is out of the question. Thanks in advance.

Dear Scott: The only thing to do is to BRING them back to the store. The only way you could have known about the odor was to open the packages. If they refuse to give your money back, you’ll have to make your own” stink” there. Speak to the manager. Write a letter to the Better Business Bureau. If you put it on a credit card, write to them. Remember, the Customer is always Right. Good Luck, Andy

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