My Coat Smells Like Petroleum

Hi, Andy – I just found this great resource! I have a coat made out of shiny PVC – it has an awful petroleum smell. This coat is lined with acetate. I’ve tried airing it out – it stunk up my study so badly that I put it in the basement, where it has been for weeks. It still stinks – I can’t wear it. Can I wash out this odor? This coat cost me £75 but sadly returning it isn’t an option. I’ve never encountered this with PVC before. Thank You so much! GG

Dear GG: A coat with no return policy “stinks”. I fear that nothing but time will eliminate the odor. Try bringing it outdoors the next nice, sunny day. Do not try to wash out the odor. You will ruin the coat altogether. Next time, buy something that can be returned. Good Luck, Andy

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