My First Cover, extended by request.

Top: 100% Rayon $52

Pant: Wool/Silk Blend, fully lined.  $135

Jacket: 100% wool exterior, rayon lining, Sting Ray Belt, $950

Recently I was asked to use my clothes for a fashion shoot for Spokane CDA Woman Magazine.  The magazine has a regular fashion section that features local stores and designers.  For the September issue my designs were photographed and it is a great honor to be featured on the cover.  That was an unexpected little perk.   Since then Some people have taken notice.  I received a great complimentary critique from William Maltese who is  a co-host at No Boundaries Radio Show.  Thanks again William.

Dress: Rouched, stretch velvet with lycra lining and crinkle georgette base, $575

Jennifer Harvey took the photo’s, and as always her photography is par excellence!  Alexandra Talbot is the model and while she is young (compared to me), she is advancing in her modeling by leaps and bounds.  I do hope this girl gets a big break in the modeling field.  And Annika Fairbanks is only in the area for a while but I am so glad to have met her and been a party to her abilities in make-up design.  Not only is she fast and efficient but pleasant to be around.  That is not always the case in this industry.  I am so lucky to have met the people I have and have been blessed by their professionalism, and willingness to give their all for a project.

Dress: : High quality polyester sequined knit on top and Rayon knit jersey on bottom.  $99

Belt: hand painted Snake skin with custom metal accents.  $140

Jacket: Wool Melton lined with a quilted cotton.  Custom Metal button on front and sleeves.  $750

These clothes are unique in that, one, they are limited editions and two, in ordering these items they are custom fit to the wearer in the color that best suits the individual.   A True couture garment.

There are more things to see on my web page at http://www.kirstenlonglydesigns.com/  Click on the Portfolio tab and you can see the collection to date.  Click on any of the photo’s on the main page and you can read about them.

I love what I do and I do what I love.

2 Responses to “My First Cover, extended by request.”

  1. Judith says:

    Beautiful, Kirsten, and I can vouch for the excellent couture techniques you used when constructing these.
    I do have a question, though. How do you custom fit your designs to an individual if they live hundreds of miles from you or even thousands of miles from you. Can you do the fitting long distance or ?


  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Judith,
    Sorry it’s taken a bit to get back to you, Christmas is crazy. To answer your question, actually yes I can do a fitting from miles away. I just need exact measurements. These are things that I would discuss with a client in an email. I have a measurement sheet that I would send to a client to have them get measured and send back to me. I would then do a muslin garment and send that to the client and have them try it on and take a picture and email it to me. There is an understanding though that if the measuremnts are wrong then of course the clothes won’t fit right. There is also the understanding that as women we gain and lose weight in 5 to 10 pound incriments and clothes may need to be adjusted further in minor areas which will need to be done by your local seamstress. But the clothes should fit very closely and only need minor adjustments if at all if the measurements are correct. Any decent suit or outfit should be fitted properly. Of course that is hard to do and I would love to do every one in person but these days that is very difficult I can get items very close with the right measurements but a local seamstress who is trusted for good work should be consulted for minor adjustments. Thanks for the questions.