My Sweater Bleed Color In The Washing Machine

Well, I washed a new red long sleeve sweat shirt and red sweat pants in cold water with a black and white sweater. The sweater is white on the outer areas, the neck, shoulders, and arms while the black in center in the body area. The sweater is 73% Rayon and 37% Nylon.
My question is how can I return the sweater back to the normal colors it should be without ruining the sweater anymore than what it is now? The white area are Pink and the black remains black but I’m afraid if I make any changes like using bleach it will ruin the black in the sweater. Help, what can I do? Or use?
Please respond.

Dear Charlotte: Not much to do now, but go shopping. You will not be able to bring the sweater back to the way it way. Seasons Greetings and Good Luck, Andy

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