Mysterious Carpet Spots?

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Do you have spots on your carpet that seem to mysteriously appear?  I had my carpets cleaned less than a year ago yet they appear to have grime and spots from mysterious visitors.  The carpet on the left isn’t my carpet but mine looks just as bad.  The cleaning company said that the products they used for cleaning did not leave a residue….  not true!

The only floor cleaning product that I know of that doesn’t leave a residue is Procyon.  David Webster, author of articles on Procyon, suggests a test to see if your floor cleaning product leaves a residue:  Detergent Residue


Detergent Residue. Get the dirt on carpet detergent residue. What do your cleaning products leave behind? Do any of the following apply to you? Have you ever cleaned a spot which mysteriously reappears a few days or weeks later?

As more people report allergies, more research is being done on what causes these allergies.  Skin allergies or just plain itching is not only irritating, the scratched skin can invite bacteria.  As I was researching for this article I found other concerns when soaps or detergents leave residue:  Cleaning Without Itching – Allergy Free Soaps & Detergents


Soaps Stick. No matter how great the rinse cycle may be on your washer, or how hard you scrub in the shower, residue from the soaps we use every day will stick around. Soaps left in clothing will transfer to the skin when work – and especially


I have two big dogs, Faith and Stormy who occasionally have accidents that can’t immediately be cleaned by scrubbing with the SpotBot.  When this happens, I just dampen the spot with Procyon and cover with a towel.  Within a few hours the spot is gone without further scrubbing or adding more product.  Since the product is non toxic, I don’t worry about the dogs coming in contact with the liquid and absorbing it into their skin.  

Please note:  I do not sell Procyon or SpotBot nor do I receive any funds or products from either of the companies. 





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