Name Colorology

Color is a fascinating topic and covers so many aspects of our lives. Studies have shown how much it affects us all; whether it is the color of the clothing we wear, colors in our home or office, where we spend our time, and even color in the cars that we drive………all of these have an enormous effect on our lives.

In his new book on color, Name Colorology, Key to your Beauty, Personality, Romance & Success, the author Baron Greycastle goes beyond theories and favorite colors by using your name to find the “key to your beauty, personality, romance and success.” By using the letters of your name to determine your “center colors” along with a study to complete the three-part chart for wardrobe, home décor and career choices, Greycastle has indeed taken the study of color several steps further.

Greycastle’s first book, Your Name & Colors quickly became a best seller, and further research on this fascinating topic has produced this new book. And it is not just a textbook; it is full of information and forms for your own study. Greycastle has also included photographs of models wearing differing colors, along with color fans. In using this information and charts, the reader can determine his or her own colors, for their individual use, as well as, for use in their business or career.

Thinking of changing your name? Check with Greycastle’s book to determine which name you can use to increase your success with any of your life goals.

Author Baron Geycastle has been featured on several talk shows; featured speaker and lecturer at numerous colleges; given presentations at Expos in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and Sacramento; and conducted master classes at several medical institutions.

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