Nanotechnology and textiles



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In our homes we have learned to wash our hands frequently, clean and disinfect kitchen counters and bleach or wash dishcloths and dish sponges and the list goes on.  Although we don’t see our clothes as carriers of diseases, fabrics are porous and can carry diseases from one room or one person to another.  Laundering garments, sheets and curtains does disinfect the fabric but as soon as the fabric is used contamination starts again.  Cross contamination from textiles to humans has been confirmed.


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The idea to use nanotechnology to add antimicrobial finishes to textiles was reported in 2006.  After several years of testing and perfecting, the nano technologically finished fabrics have been introduced in the marketplace.  X-STATIC web site explains in detail how the technology works and lists the products now available.  This fabric does not need to be replaced after each use as the protection is ongoing and continuous even after washing many times.  This is the beauty of nanotechnology as the chemicals are imbedded in the fibers.



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