Need A Contract Sewer

Hi Andy, I run a business that makes custom handbags. In our first 2 years, we employed 2 seamstresses to make all of our items. Lately, we have been taking so many orders that our manufacturers can’t keep up (darn…I know)! We need to make the move from a small operation to a larger one, so we are looking to partner with a contract sewer. Our store is in Cincinnati, OH…how do I go about finding a qualified company near me? Thanks, Christina

Dear Christina: Visit www.seams.org for a list of sewing contactors across the country. Remember that the closest one to you, may not be the best one for your needs. Call around, and go to visit, before sending products to them. The expense of travel is minor compared to the problems that will occur, if you don’t have some face to face contact. Good Luck, Andy

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