New Fabric Replacing Old?

Michele recently requested information about what fabrics could replace old fabrics from the late 19th and early 20th century. These fabrics include Indian Head, cambric or linen cambric, Cloth of Gold and Quadriga Cloth.

Cambric is still in production.Summer Fashion – Daily News & Analysis

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Daily News & AnalysisSummer FashionDaily News & AnalysisOne can mix and match with cool colours like aquamarine, light blue and nautical colours like navy blue, red and white,” she says adding that apart from cotton and linen, fabrics like cambr …

Indian Head hasn’t been manufactured since the 1960’s.  Quadriga is still found in vintage fabric stashes.vintage_ads: 1951 Good Housekeeping: Quadriga fabric

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1951 Good Housekeeping: Quadriga fabric. 1951 ad for Quadriga cloth. Tags: 1950s, 1951, children, clothing, sewing · 60in3 wrote in vintage_ads: ←Orange Weekend: 1982 Kraft Barbecue Sauce · branwynn wrote in 

I remember these fabrics and wish I could still purchase some, especially Indian Head.  Cloth of Gold is not being manufactured either.

I don’t know of any fabric that has been produced to specifically replace these vintage fabrics. For the most part, the advertising is an “improved” or a “new” rather than replacing the old.


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