What is meant by “New Material”?

businessHi Andy,
I am started to have pet toy manufactured in China and wanted to know on the small sew in label on the plush pet toy it reads this:
New Material Only
Reg. No 25D4589
100% Polyester
1. Can you please let me know what New Material only means?
2. Can you please let m know what Reg. No. means and how does the Manufacturer obtain a Reg. No.?
Thank You and I look forward to hearing back from you
Petz Angel

Bonnie: Congratulations on your new business.
New Material: Means just that. The product is NOT made from reprocessed fabric, vinyl or plastics. The Reg. No. is issued by the Chinese government. In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission, offers a RN number, which identifies the manufacturer of a product.
Good Luck.

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