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News from the world of Jeans!  This year is the 140th anniversary of Jeans.  Seems like only yesterday that these pants were first worn by farmers and ranchers!


Jeans come in all colors and now Ombre jeans where the color goes from light to dark.  ombre jeans


Cashmere Sweater Acrobat (similar here)/ Top PJK/ Jeans Armani Exchange/ Heels Manolo Blahnik (love the neon version)/ Bag Stella McCartney/ Jewelry Samantha Wills I can’t belive it’s already March. Just yesterday


Speaking of color, remember the mood ring where the stone in the ring changed color with the mood of the wearer?  Who can forget the thermochromic t-shirts that changed color according to the body temp of the wearer?  Well, you guessed it, there are now thermochromic jeans that change color with heat.


Naked and Famous thermochromic jeans changes color with heat


Those looking for a pair of jeans that changes as their body temperature shifts can rest easy knowing these Naked and Famous denims exist.


For those who just want to repair their favorite pair of jeans and don’t own a sewing machine, here is the answer for you.


MAKE | Repair Your Pair (Of Jeans)


If you’ve worn a hole in a favorite pair of denim blue jeans, check out this great little instructional video from Swedish jean company Nudie Jeans, showing you how to repair the hole using a bit of iron-on interfacing, a swatch

And that’s the jean news for casual Friday.







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