No One Will Dye My Polyester Dress

I have a 100% polyester dry clean only dress that I want to dye black and no dry cleaners in my town will do it. I resolved to do it my self but when I went to buy the dye (Rit) it said not to use on 100% polyester. Is there any way around this?

Dear Khanya,
You are right, Rit will not work on polyester fabric. Check out the possibilities at www.fabricdyeing.com. These are two places that will at least talk with you about dyeing individual garments. Remember, dyeing is a water-based process, so it must be able to be submerged in liquid in order to be dyed. If the dry clean only dress is of fragile construction, or has a lot of trim, it probably will not withstand the dyeing process.
Good luck,

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