nylon vs polyester

I am designing a line of mens swim shorts.  I notice that many of the high end brands such as Orlebar Brown, Dolce and Gabanna, Paul Smith are using nylon instead of polyester.  I find nylon to be rigid and easily wrinkled.  I prefer to use polyester like the board short companies eg Quiksilver.  Can you please advise what is the advantage of using nylon as really all the high end designer brands are using it.  Is there any consumer perception that nylon is better?



By: Michael

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Micheal,

    As a designer I refuse to use Nylon unless I absolutely have no other choice in fabrics. The fabric production industry is is making new kinds of materials all the time and I am sure there are some nylons that have some benefits but I have not seen or felt one yet that I like or want to use in anything I do. For one, in the scenery and display business using nylon is a major fire hazard. Polyester is inherently fire retardant and you have to consider some of those surfers are eventually gonna sit next to a fire on the beach, sparks will fly.

    As for high end designers I will need to investigate their use and reasoning behind choosing nylon for their designs. The only reason I can think of at the moment is price of production of materials.

    Hope that helps