Odor On Leather Couch

Andy, I recently purchased two leather couches for our new home. The couches seem to have a odor that is offensive. We have also experienced eye and throat irritation. Is there something we can do to remove the new smell from the couches? Thanks for any help you might provide. Buddy

Dear Buddy: Remove the couches and the odors will be gone. Stop the check or call your credit card company. You have a problem and nothing will resolve it. Good Luck, Andy

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  1. Sarah says:

    We had custom couches made for our new home..
    They smell very strong. I had someone open them up and I found that the jute webbing is much much stronger smelling
    Than anything we have experienced. It is very offensive. I need to find information to present to the maker about
    This jute. What would cause this. Are jute s treated with chemicals..? Is there off market cheap jute ? I have jute webbing in other pieces made from other framer that does not smell. This has permeated our sofas.
    I would appreciatete your input