Oilcloth Bib

Hi Andy!
Hope you can help me. I made an oilcloth bib for my daughter thinking it was going to last forever! (Silly me!). After about 2 months the whole thing started cracking in various places here and there. Do you know of any other fabric that would have the same qualities as oilcloth (waterproof, wipes down easily etc) but isn’t too bulky and doesn’t crack? I was thinking of some kind of coated cotton fabric, like PVC coated cotton. Have been searching the net for fabric samples of this, in different patterns, colors but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Tara.

Dear Tara: It may be easier to just buy another oilcloth bib. They are relatively inexpensive, and before you know it, your daughter will be out of the “bib” stage and into other things (like tutus). Good Luck, Andy

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