Ombre Dyeing

I am a Costume Craftsperson/Dyer for a theatre and I have a question regarding Ombre dyeing circular skirts. The draper and I have come upon the time vs. result questions that plagues most theatres. We are trying to decide if we need to allow the circular (and therefore bias) silk chiffon skirt to hang out before they are Ombre dyed. I’ve already dyed the base fabric and we are debating if it is necessary to allow the skirts to grow before re-wetting and Ombre dyeing or if the act of re-wetting will negate the hanging out. What are your thoughts?

Rewetting and dyeing will take care of the hanging issue. You will need to check the hems at the end of the whole process no matter how you let things hang now. I personally don’t do much hanging with a circular skirt, only one cut on the bias in a straight shape. With a circular skirt you can expect some hem variations anyway.
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