Ordering Mills And Textile Jobbers

textileThe number on your web page for the T.I.P. Guide actually belongs to another company. Do you have a current telephone number for ordering the book of mills and textile jobbers?

Cyndy: It took me a while to track this down, but the information will be worth the wait, for you and all of our readers.
The T.I.P. guide is now out of business. The gal that originally published the T.I.P. guide, has now produced two NEW books that will be of interest to you, and all of our Fabrics.net family.
These are Textile Sources ( a Who’s Who of the domestic textile industry) and The Designers Guide of Fabric and Trim Resources. Visit the web site at www.RRAG.net or call 212-585-1096.
We have arranged a special 5% Discount for our readers. When you place your order on the web site, in the box marked “promotional code”, put “ANDY”.
The web site itself, is chock full of information about upcoming trade shows, too.
Good Luck, Andy

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