Outstanding Reference Site for Stain Removal and more!

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Finding stain removal information without any promotion of one laundry product or another is not an easy task!  I have a few personal preferences that I use in my own laundry but my laundry consists of mostly cotton slacks and shirts, cotton towels and sheets and very minimum stain removal.  Other families with small or big children have different laundry needs.

When someone posts a stain removal question, I go to the University of Illinois Extension Stain Solutions Stains from A to Z.   The U of I Extension is based in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The U of Illinois has a great web site with news of the university plus news of the students.  Reading the ACES Student blog, also known as “Voices of Aces” gave me a huge amount of optimism when I realized that our students from all walks of life are the true representation of “What is happening to our country today”!  How refreshing it is to get away from the negative form of the question/statement “What is happening to our country today?!

I read about the first “Animal Care Internship at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute”  and other ACES Voices.  And I am not an alumni of the University of Illinois.  I am just glad that this University reminded me that there are many many voices of optimism around our great country!




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2 Responses to “Outstanding Reference Site for Stain Removal and more!”

  1. “…families with small or big children have different laundry needs…” Families with dogs, also, will find this reference site helpful.

  2. Good point, Joan! Thank you.