Cleaning silk?

How do I clean and what should I use to remove a stain from water marked silk? By: Diane

Collar Shape?

I am looking for a fabric that will retain its shape.  Specifically, I want to create a collar for a polo shirt that actually stays up and doesn’t constantly flop over and fold down into the shirt or against the shoulder of the wearer.  If your a man who has worn a traditional polo I would expect you know just what I am talking about.  Any ideas on what would be the best fabric to form a collar that holds it shape? By: Cam Robert

Cotton fabric(s) for active wear

I like to make my own active wear using a comfortable & flexible cotton fabric(s).  I have a debilitated autoimmune disease where my skin is sensitive to regular tight fitting sport & active wear like Lulu Lemon, Nike or other major brands. It actually hurt and cause uncomfortness during a workout.  I love cotton clothing that are breathable and flexible enough for my very active life.  Please advice, thank you. By: Bridget

Nylon/Spandex Fabric

Is it possible to dye a nylon/spandex blend?  If so, what kind of dye would be most successful?  I am trying to change compression stockings from nude to navy.  The manufacturer tells me the stockings are entirely of nylon and spandex. By: Karen Abernathy

Fabrics that don’t get wet, but let water through?

Here’s an odd one for you. I’m looking for a fabric that doesn’t absorb water, but does allow it to pass through to the other side. My first thought was that some kind of mesh might be able to do it, but it needs to be wearable, so I can’t just use the stuff I find at the hardware store that’s meant for windows or screen doors. Any ideas? (PS. Bonus points if it’s also comfortable and strong!) By: Dalton

Best Fabric For Crease?

What is the best fabric to use for a good crease? By: jules

Specialty Sports fabrics?

Hi there, I am a design student working on a prototype for a sports glove.  The essence of the glove, at least of the part that this search concerns, is that it is an ergonomic, well-fitted glove for contacts stick sports like hockey, lacrosse, etc.  That is, I am looking for lightweight (to allow for ergonomic fit and ‘barehand sensation’), durable fabrics that would also be ideal for gripping sticks and bats.  An example of what I am looking for would be the fabrics used in the palm side of racquetball gloves.  Do you have any ideas?  I would be happy to order such fabrics from your business if there are any that fit this criteria. By: Tucker Chambers