Painting Fabric

You may not deal with this subject area at all, but I’m wondering if you know of anyone who has the ability of painting on fabric? Specifically, what I’m doing as a surprise for my daughter’s wedding is a memory quilt with many different patches contributed by different people. For my own patch, I was thinking of seeing if anyone had the ability to take a photograph and paint a likeness of the photo onto fabric. Thank you for your help and my apologies if this is very far from your design work.

You have several options here, one of which is to transfer a photo onto silk or muslin and then colorize (or leave as-is, whatever pleases you). Dharma Trading Co (www.dharmatrading.com) has muslin and silk fabric that is set up to go in an ink jet printer. I have used it. For getting someone else to do it – Dharma also lists people who will dye fabrics – a resource list – I don’t remember if there are any painters there but you could check. Another option is to do a Google search for silk painters or painting and see what you come up with. Similarly, there is sure to be a yahoo group for silk painting or fabric painting because there is a yahoo group for everything.
I would suggest that you get a paper catalog from Dharma and study it carefully. They are the experts for color on fabric. This will give you a whole lot more information so that you can intelligently discuss with any artist you are interviewing.
I am sure your quilt will be wonderful and quite special! Many blessings for the wedding.

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