Photo’s On A Quilt

I am making a memory quilt out of old photos that I have scanned and then printed (with an ink jet printer) on the fabric paper that goes into the printer. My only worry now is will the ink run if it is washed? I set the ink by pressing it with an iron but wondered if it needs soaked in something to further set the color. I have heard that vinegar sets color but then also salt water will do it. Do you have any ideas that will work for me? I don’t want to ruin my project by doing the wrong thing. Thank You.

Dear Linda,
I only have experience with the inkjet printed silk fabric. The instructions say to wash before using, but in my experience the ink faded considerably.
My friend Joan, a wonderful quilter of crazy quilt handbags and other art pieces, has this to say to your question:
I use these fabric photo transfers all the time, but I don’t worry about colorfastness, because I tend to make pieces that don’t require washing. However, I think that if Linda does plan to launder her memory quilt, she should scan and print a trial photo transfer and launder it to check for colorfastness. If the color runs or fades, she should do other trial runs utilizing the salt water or vinegar to see what works. If nothing works, then she’ll know that her quilt will not be washable.
If you absolutely have to have it washable, I would suggest the plastic-y transfers that are waterproof. With these, you print on your printer to a transfer medium, then iron them on your fabric.
Good Luck and hope this helps!

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