Polyester Lace

I purchased some 100% polyester crocheted looking lace yardage that I want to make some snoods out of. Unfortunately it is white and I want some color. I tried Rit Dye and I can only get pale, faded color on the polyester. What can I do for some bolder shades in dye? Thank you for the help!

Dear Deni,
I have been working in lace dyeing myself recently. Unfortunately polyester lace won’t take any sort of dye. Look for lace that is part rayon or all nylon. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and read about nylon dyeing. Rayon can be dyed with the reactive dyes, also available from Dharma. If the lace is part rayon, you will get an interesting two-color effect.
You will have to experiment here to get the effect that you want.
Have fun,

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