Portrait of a True Entrepreneur

Remember when you had school photo’s day and how excited you were?  You had a special shirt, dress or blouse that you wore especially for the photos.  Your mom or you fixed your hair just the way you liked it and then you had to wait weeks before the photographs came back.  School photos from each school year now give you a picture history of your growth from kindergarten through senior graduation.

Today, with the smart phones, photos are taken of us every day whether we like it or not.  People will post a video or picture of you that you can’t stand but there isn’t anything you can do to stop them.  Well how about creating your own special image that shows the unique you?  Enter Jennifer Harvey, the artistic visual poet.  The images she captures will be the ones that last for years and generations from now.  Yes, the images can be boudoir and lacey and they can also be a portrait.

By reading Jennifer’s web site including her “about me”,   it is easy to see that Jennifer’s heart is in every photographic image she produces.  Although making a living is nice, the true entrepreneur follows their passion and creates a product without worrying about the bottom line or money.  Jennifer is one of those true entrepreneurs.

Jennifer’s biggest challenge in her business is something that all creative, right brain people struggle with, marketing and business.  Left brain, logical people even find it difficult to explain to the right brain, creative people what they need to do to sell their creations.

Advising a young person about the type of education they need to become a photographer, Jennifer says that the ideal would be Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California. Their reputation for providing an education in visual communication is the best in the country.  If you are serious about becoming a photographer or providing the best education for your son or daughter, send them to Brooks.  Jennifer also adds that pursuing any and all education is important!  You cannot be over educated.

If anyone needs to put Jennifer’s business into a category, place it between boudoir and portrait images or as Jennifer describes her art, artistic visual poetry.  Jennifer’s photo shoots last several hours.  A list of things you need to bring will be supplied but leave the make-up and hairdo for the hair and make-up stylists that Jennifer supplies.  You and Jennifer will spend several relaxing hours talking while Jennifer does her magic with her camera.

What gets Jennifer up in the morning and ready to create?  The thought of capturing something that is meaningful and can’t be replicated.  A moment in history forever preserved on a piece of film, it is pure magic to her and she never gets bored doing it.






What part of Jennifer’s art does she enjoy the most?  She enjoys watching her clients (she likes to call them models) see their images for the first time.  It’s a thrill to see their reaction and to give them the gift of seeing how beautiful they really are.

Jennifer is currently working on a few educational products for both her clients and other photographers.  Stay tuned to Jennifer’s web site for more information.

To learn more about Jennifer, visit her blog.   Some of her blogs are auditory in the form of a Podcast which allows you to get to know the gentle voice of Jennifer.   Listening to her is relaxing which gives me the impression that people relax around her even when the camera is clicking.

Jennifer Harvey  http://www.jenniferharvey.net

(509) 240-1579    info@jenniferharvey.net





Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.

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3 Responses to “Portrait of a True Entrepreneur”

  1. Jennifer Harvey commented on Fabrics.net:

    Judith, thank you so much for taking the time to write this lovely piece. It is the nicest thing anyone has done, in a long time. I am truly grateful.

  2. Judith, thank you so much for taking the time to write this lovely piece. It is the nicest thing anyone has done, in a long time. I am truly grateful.

  3. I would love to have you take my photograph, if only I lived closer to Spokane.