Sewing Tip: Pressing Silk Organza

Organza silk is often used as underlining for delicate blouses and dresses.  Because it is difficult to control, expensive and it’s too sheer, most designers never thought of using it as press cloth.

Silk Organza as press cloth


photo credit: threadsmagazine.com

Press cloth helps avoid shine that appears from over-pressing or pressing directly on the fashion fabric. One advantage of using silk organza press cloth that is 100% silk and not polyester, is that  it is sheer and it withstands heat.
Most experts suggest using organza press cloth with silks and lace, because it protects delicate fabrics from overpressing and because its sheerness makes it convenient to control layers underneath.


Make Yourself A Press Cloth | Did You Make That?

The word on the sewing street is that you should save an offcut of silk organza to use as a press cloth. Silk organza is extremely strong but fluid, which means it can stand high temperatures and drape nicely over whatever

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