Prevent Shedding

Hi Andy — always enjoy reading your Q&A. Happened to notice the question about storing angora sweaters. The best way, believe it or not, is in the fridge; prevents shedding and keeps hair soft and fuzzy. Place in a brown paper bag and put in plastic bag as an odor barrier. These were manufacturer’s instructions from 1940s-50s. I never had any problems and sweaters always looked fresh and new and smelled great.
Joan (Fabrics.net Vintage Fabric Columnist)

Dear Joan: Thanks for the information on the Angora. I’d rather keep my sweaters in a cedar chest. Then there’s more room in the fridge for BEER! Good Luck, Andy
Yeah, right! Just a typical male answer. 😀 The only problem with wood storage is that acid will build up and eat into wool and specialty hairs unless items are protected first with archival wrappings. But you have a point about room for beer; difficult to argue that one. Have a great day.

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