Prickly And Scratchy Bedding

beddingHi Andy,
I recently purchased a set of Calvin Klein khaki bedding collection. The tags on the bedding set say that the material is 100% cotton, but I find the fabric very prickly and scratchy. How do I soften the fabric to make it smooth and comfortable? I also purchased a hybrid 50% cotton and 50% polyester fitted sheet that feels scratchy also. I’ve tried soaking the bedding set in fabric softener, but to no avail. Please help with your advise. Thank You.

Dear Betty: Well, you have half the formula right. We too love our sheets to be cotton. However, the blend of the yarn will have little affect on the sheets if the count is low. Some sheets are 100-200 count. That tells you how many threads per inch. The higher the count, the smoother the feel. Also, the higher the count, the more the sheets will cost you. So, look for sheets in the 400 count or higher range. If you really want to treat yourself, consider buying 1000 count sheets. It will be the best sleep you ever had. Sweet Dreams and Good Luck, Andy

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