Print along one edge of fabric?

I frequently see “maxi” dresses that have a lovely floral print design at the bottom of the dress… along the hem and reaching upwards. Such as a spray of flowers that looks like its growing right up from the hem.  Where the tops of the flowers head end, so does the print… as if the flowers were reaching up to the sky.

The type of fabric where, if I had 3 yards rolled out, the design would just be along one edge of the fabric.

I have attached 3 photos to show examples of what I’m talking about

I have tried and tried to find this type of fabric…. would like to find 45-48″ wide so I could make length of dress up to high waist.

Is this specialty print fabric made only for manufacturers, or is there somewhere a “civilian” like me can buy these types of printed fabrics?

Is there a special name for fabric that is printed along only one edge?

~ kind regards ~ kimmy

By: Kim

3 Responses to “Print along one edge of fabric?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Kim,

    This fabric is called a border print.  I don’t know if you can find exactly the print you describe but try submitting a FabricFinder request at http://info.fabrics.net/post-a-fabricfinder-request/  This form also allows you to post a photo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kim,
    Yup, you can usually find that kind of a border print in quilting stores.  It is pretty much only on straight weave cotton.  Really pretty stuff is by Kaufman (spell?) and or Hoffman, Kona makes a nice fabric too.  However, it is pretty much only in cottons, occasionally I will see something embroidered on a sheer material or printed on a stretch cotton knit but the widest variety is pretty much cotton prints.  Personally I think the Asian prints are some of the prettiest.

  3. Laura Bunyard says:

    I found such a fabric back in the 80s. 100% cotton 58-60 inches wide and had tropical flowers in color printed on the borders and the outline of the flowers going into the middle. The skirt I made from it has the colors on the bottom tier, with spots on the second tier of color and the top tier is only the outline of the flowers. It is the prettiest skirt I have, but due to soot from a malfunctioning kerosene heater and a few holes, I only wear it for chores or yardwork.

    Thanks for the info on checking out quilting stores.