Printing Your Logo

Hi Andy, I have started my own company with my sister, and we want fabric with our logo printed on it in various colors. Can you tell me a good place to start? Do we need to go to a trade show? If so where is a good one in the Midwest? We are in Kansas.
Can you suggest a good company to work with? We are a small business but we are ready to have our own fabric made and realize that it is an investment, but we do need bulk quantities of our designs. Thanks Amy

Dear Amy: What seems like a simple question has a complex answer. Fabric: Top weight, bottom weight, knit or woven? Custom fabric has a lot to do with the application of the fabric. If it is going to be used for apparel, it is different that if it is going to be used for home furnishings or industrial applications. Do you want it printed with your name or logo, or do you want the design knitted or woven into the cloth? Will you need 1000 yards or can you use 10,000 yards? Does it need to be made of a natural fiber, or can you use a synthetic?
There are two great trade shows coming up in the not too distant future that you should attend. The Material World show, September 28-30, (www.material-world.com), at Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City at the end of this week, features mostly apparel fabrics. The Showtime Show December 11-14, in High Point, North Caroline (www.itma-showtime.com) features home furnishing fabrics. At one or both of these shows, you will be able to find the exact fabric you need. Good Luck, Andy

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