Private Label Denim Groups In The U.S.A


Hi! I have a few products that have been submitted for trademark and one for a patent. I lived in Asia for a long time and I do not wish to have my products produced outside of the USA. I know my price points will go up…but I am willing to do that to follow my heart. Do you know of any sewing contractors or private label denim groups in the USA that could help me get this going.?
Thanks much

Dear Lavenders: To get your products sewn in the USA, visit www.seams.org. They have a list of sewing contractors around the USA. Call around, until you find someone you like. Then go visit. It’s nice to have patent, but I hope you have some money put away to protect that patent. It’s one thing to have the patent, and another to enforce it. We wish you Good Luck, Andy

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