Problems With Fabric

My wife and I recently moved into a beautiful new apartment, the land lady bought a new sofa 5 months ago imported from China…… We have been having endless problems with the fabric leaving tiny white wire-like dust particles EVERYWHERE……. I took them outside and gave them a good beating, trying to show them who’s boss, but they seem to have the upper hand in this one. My wife, Jo, just rinsed them in the washer, and there are a few ‘clumps’ of white material balled up, when I pick them up they disintegrate in my hands and fly all over the place, so I beat it again and clouds more comes off, only to leave me pulling it out of my hair… Please help us. I’m at my wits end from the endless vacuuming, wiping down surfaces and plooms of ‘devil dust’……………. I’m sorry I can not give you more info on the fabric, but I can tell you it sure ain’t cotton! There are no care instructions anywhere so I’m afraid its a bit of guess work. My best bet is synthetic all the way! Please help us before I get a Hernia. :)
I look forward too hearing from you.
Best wishes,

Dear Fingal: Sounds like you’ve got a problem.
As I see it, either get the sofa out of there, and replace it, with something that does not have the same condition, or cover it with a slipcover. Happy Decorating and Good Luck.

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