Process Of Dyeing Silk

I am an artist working in San Diego, CA. I discovered and tried some silk dies at a fine art printmaking coop of which I am a member . I tried some of the dies and liked the way the die colors replaced each other in the staining process and seldom got muddy like regular watercolors might. I am developing some work using the dyes available on Japanese paper and would very much like to explore the process on silk. Could you direct me to information on the process of dyeing silk and suggest materials that would best suit their presentation as wall art.
Thank You

Hi Daniel,
It really is fun, huh. The best resource for textile artists is www.dharmatrading.com. They sell everything and have a lot of books as well. Get a copy of their printed catalog and have a ball.
Go to a big newsstand or large crafts store and look at some fiber arts publications, too. Send me some photos of your work!

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