Professional Sewing Machine Tools Part 1

Fine tuning using professional sewing machine tools

Sewing tools are very important part of the sewing process. Although some sewing projects can be completed even without the sewing tools that we will discuss, as you enhance your skills and improve your projects, you will be needing these to make the sewing process simpler and better.

You can sew and fine tune your projects with the use of the following sewing tools:

Cutting Tools

Needlework Scissors and Snips

Small, 3″- to 5″- long needlework scissors or snips are very useful for clipping close to the stitching line or trimming intricate areas of a project.  You will need this too whenever your large bent-handled shears can’t reach some parts of your project. Snips have spring-loaded handles. Keep a pair alongside the sewing machine, at-the-ready to cut stray threads.

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are ideal for straight cuts in one or more fabric layers. When choosing a rotary cutter, look for a handle that is comfortable. If possible choose blades than can be replaced easily. Rotary mats and rulers are made specifically for rotary-blade cutting, and the materials don’t dull rotary blades as other products might.


Altering and measuring tools

French curve or fashion ruler

French curves have a variety of curves to mimic the body’s curves and are used when altering patterns. This is often useful when doing  length adjustment, but especially when changing the style of a garment.

Grid Board

A grid board when placed under the fabric and pattern helps you align the fabric grain while pinning and cutting. A  padded grid board on the other hand, allows you to pin into it when stretching or blocking fabric. There are those types that have ironing surfaces that are helpful for  fusing large fabric sections.


Marking Tools

Fabric Marking Pens

The disappearing ink allows you to mark most projects at the exact location needed—even on the fabric right side— without fear of staining or discoloration.


Professional Sewing Machine Tools 2

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