Professional Sewing Machine Tools Part 2

Sewing Tools: Professional Sewing Machine Tools


Sewing Machine Needles

There are sewing needles that are specifically designed for a particular fabric, thread and stitches. When you use the right type of needle, you are also spared from skipped stitches, shredding and looping threads.

point turner

point turner


Point Turner

A point turner is a hand-held, pointed plastic tool designed to poke into tight corners. For crisp, sharp corners and points, use this tool to push out the corners of collars and cuffs before pressing. The opposite end is flat or rounded; use it to hold open seam allowances
while pressing, so you don’t burn your fingers.



basting tape

basting tape


Basting Tape

Basting tape saves you the hassle of hand basting using thread and needle.  Basting tape holds zipper, bias tapes and trims in place while stitching.





Pressing Tools

tailors ham

tailors ham


Tailor’s Ham

Resembling a ham, this pressing tool is used as a base or a mold when pressing curved or shaped seams.




Needle Board

A flat, flexible board with a bed of short needles placed very close together, a velvet board or needle board is used for pressing napped fabrics, such as velvet and corduroy, without crushing the fabric’s pile.


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