Pucci Fabric

Dear Andy,
I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have a retail fashion store and would like to feature chairs in my shop in Pucci fabric, preferably new fabric not vintage. I realize that it would have to be from an international source; can you help me with fabric agents etc, who may stock Pucci fabric?

Dear Adrienne: Pucci fabric is not available in stores. Contact Pucci directly by visiting their web site at www.emiliopucci.com or calling them in Italy at 39-055-26-18-41. As with other top designer names, they probably will not sell you their fabric. They do not want their custom designs used on anything that they did not manufacture themselves. Thus, names like Gucci, Pucci and Burberry do not offer their fabrics for sale. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

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  1. Ellen says:

    This info is incorrect. You can purchase Pucci fabric-by-the-yard at Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles. I love Pucci & almost died when I saw giant bolts of silk Pucci prints at Mood, here in LA, a fews years ago (2008). If I remember correctly, they had about 10 prints to choose from and was $50/yard??I bought a couple yards that has been sitting in the Mood bag, but has recently become the inspiration for my wedding next summer. The print is navy, purple, white and turquoise…we’re doing an Art Deco/Old Hollywood theme. I’m going to use the fabric to make evening clutches for the bridesmaids. Designer bags for about a 1/2 of the cost! Yippie!! Check out Moods website…if its not listed, give the LA location a call. Hope this helps!

  2. Judith says:

    Hi Ellen,

    Thank you for the information! I have contacted Pucci to see if the fabric sold in stores has been licensed by them for manufacturing and thus for sale. In so many instances fabric that is from a designer and/or has designer signature logos has been manufactured without the logo owner’s permission and thus is illegal. The same goes for Coach signature logo, Chanel signature logo, etc. I will let you know when I receive a reply.