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Recently, I attended the Material World show in Miami. It was a great resource show but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Please Help! I need a source for moleskin with spandex. Preferable with cotton and spandex but will settle for polyester and spandex. I’m looking for wholesale prices in small quantities. Also, I’m interested in velour 80/20 cotton/poly, the quality that use to be carried by Dan River. Thanks a million for your help,

Dear Connique: We too were at the Material World show, exhibiting, and found it to be a great place, for those folks that need or love fabrics. As far as your particular fabric needs, for the moleskin with spandex, and the fabric that Dan River has used:
The first problem is that you want to buy small quantities. The moleskin with Spandex, may have been custom made for somebody, and it is not a “market” cloth. The same applies to the Dan River fabric. And now that Dan River, has moved most of their production overseas, it is more difficult than ever, to find specialty fabrics, of the kind you seek, on these shores.
Either consider other fabrics, or have them custom made, in large quantities, and expect to spend considerable amounts of cash. Sorry, there are no easy answers here.
Good Luck, Andy

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    Dear Sir,

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