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What type of fabrics can I use to make projects to sell or use in manufactured finished goods? I ask this because I’m interested in making home decor and selling it for a profit. Many of the fabric web-sites I have visited sell beautiful designer fabrics. Am I allowed to buy those designer fabrics for the purpose of making merchandise to sell to the public without infringing on any laws?
If not which designer fabrics am I allowed to buy because the web-sites where I have seen the fabrics don’t display any clauses that prevent me from buying these types of fabrics to make my goods to sell for a profit. Thank You.

Carmen: If you want to go into business, and you want to buy home decor fabrics, you should not be buying from most of the companies on the Internet. Most of them, are distributors, and already have a profit, built in to their prices.
We strongly suggest you attend the upcoming Showtime trade show. All the top manufactures will be there exhibiting their fabrics. Visit www.itma-showtime.com to register to attend. The dates this year are December 2-5, 2007. Their web site, had a list of the exhibitors, and their respective web sites.
There is lots of information on the site, but nothing beats a face to face meeting, with your potential suppliers.
Good Luck,

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