Quantity or Quality or Repurposing?

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Quality or quantity?  Many advise to buy the best quality fabric you can afford if the garment is basic and something you will wear many times.  A few more suggestions from Sew Chic:

Its Sew Chic: Can you Spot a Quality Fabric?


Understanding quality of fabric thoroughly would take up a whole text book, but let’s just boil it down to the most critical points to know. Some of the fabric information you need to know is listed on the fabric bolt, you know, that

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Why not repurpose fabric by buying garments at the thrift stores and making new items?RuralMom.com: How To Find Quality Fabric at Bargain Prices #DIY


We use fabric for crafts and sewing for many variant reasons. Some just love to create clothing and accessories because they can make them as unique as they like. Others sew to save money on clothes, or to make a living.

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Speaking of repurposing fabrics, Wardrobe Surgeon has suggestions for finding quality vintage fabrics:

Where to buy vintage fabric « Wardrobe Surgeon


I just love getting my hands on great quality vintage fabrics that have survived for years in good condition, but they are not always easy to find, so today I thought I would share some of the places I buy vintage fabrics from!

More thrift store hints from Saucy Glossie:Thrift Store Secrets | Saucy Glossie


Happy first day of Spring! Yesterday my thrift store shopping segment aired on the Ricki Lake Show and I wanted all of you guys to be able to see it in case you missed it on TV! I put together three outfits and each look was




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