Quilting Questions

I am a newcomer to your great column and have been reading all the back columns. I am looking for help with a co I am starting, specifically contractors who will quilt material for me (not patchwork but gridded and other pattern sewing attaching layers together) and also sewing contractors for vinyl and cotton. I have looked at www.seams.com and it really doesn’t have a whole lot of sources outside of NC, SC and that area. It seems silly for me in LA to ship to N Carolina? Any other sources?

Dear Fanae: You are about 20 years too late, or maybe too early. In the old days, there were sewing contractors on every corner of this great Nation. Over the last 20 years our government, across several administrations, have opened our doors to promote free trade. Most of our apparel and sewing has shifted overseas. The few that are left are doing all they can to survive. It is not crazy to send your fabrics to North or South Carolina to have them sewn or quilted. You have to go where the machinery is still working. Part of the costs of being in business, is finding the right companies to do your labor. It is not an easy process. Invest your time. Call these folks up and go to see them. In the long run, they may be the best for your needs. Good Luck, Andy

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